Whispering Falls Resort 

(NB: not Birkenhead Lake Provincial Campground) performed February 19, 2016, by CS for

Running Wild Campout July 1-3, 2017

Event Website: http://runningwildproductions.com, Site Contact: Whispering Falls 9192 Portage Road,

Pemberton BC . BC V0N 1L0 Office, 1.604.452.0184/ nmorton@telus.net

Unceded Lil’wat Nation Traditional Lands (on Birken Lake, between Pemberton and D’Arcy – AKA Gates, Tenass, Halfway, Summit Lake) www.whisperingfallsresort.com

Volunteer audit, thanks to the Radical Access Mapping Project (RAMP) resource site and  materials . For more information and to support RAMP, please visit:  http://radicalaccessiblecommunities.wordpress.com/radical-access-mapping-project-vancouver

OVERALL EVENT DESCRIPTION: Camp Running Wild is a three-day Fri-Sat-Sun adult camping , group activities, music/dance event on July 1-3, 2016, with the entire site reserved for up to 200 MAX attendees, volunteers and performers – self-defined LBGT + Community + Allies of all genders who are 19+. All facilities will be gender-neutral for the event. OVERALL SITE DESCRIPTION (see also photos and maps on event site):

Vehicle required for travel approximately two hours northeast of Vancouver on Sea-to-Sky Highway, past Whistler. Carpooling possible, on request. Closest towns are Mount Currie and Pemberton. Outdoor private (non-government) and small, mainly tenting campground on rural land, with gravel and dirt driveway off highway leading to drive-in,  with some ‘parkable’ campsites, some wooden cabins (first aid, support staff and performers with gear) and other campground structures. Campsite grounds include tree-shaded but not secluded, basic, outdoor, adjacent small clearings for tents, connected by uneven dirt and rock driveway, paths, steps and mainly gently sloping and flat areas with underbrush as well as picnic tables and various built structures, mainly not accessible, and some vehicle parking/camping areas (more detail after overview). Music/dance event is on an open space uneven grassed area with slopes.  Swimming, floating, paddling lake is downhill, across railway tracks and rough path to 2 small private docks.

Three full RV hook-up sites, some electricity outlets in built structures, outdoor drinkable water tap and non-drinkable running water sink is available. NO cellphone or WIFI service on site; Phone available at through the owner of Whispering Falls. Two porta-potties and four (non-accessible) flush toilets and showers are on site. Purchased food will be prepared in trailers to take away, and food brought in can be stored and prepared in your own campsite. (See ‘with’ and ‘without food’ camp-out payment plans). Cleaning up takes place at communal sink with running water.  Vegetarian and meat meals are available through Whispering Falls and can be purchased before the event, plus snack items available to buy at the resort. Tobacco smoking and non- sites and areas identified, no-smoking  dance+music  area on the grass, campfire pits in individual sites (but a fire ban with one exception is likely, weather-depending). Medicinal/herbal/ceremonial smoke will also be on site – no cigarette butt disposal on ground or in forest and respect for shared air-space encouraged. Not an alcohol-centred event, but no-host bar will be available, along with coffee, tea and water. Flashlights/lanterns necessary for night lighting and way-finding. Last year’s day temperatures averaged 31 c. (88 f.), and there are mosquitos and other insects year-round. Use of biodegradable, environmentally safe products are encouraged for all campers, with unscented soap brought in. A basic first-aid station and registered nurses will be on-site at all times, as well as supporters in ‘volunteer’ t-shirts. Volunteers are there to offer friendly education and practical support to campers and activities, and a mutual respect and solution-focused approach by all will be used if and when any issues arise.      NOTE: Details on specific built and event structures and amenities follow Overall Accessibility Ratings.

OVERALL ACCESSIBILITY RATING: Mostly not or semi-, with some modifications in place and others possible on request by campers attending – please assess and communicate your own needs given this environment and talk to us about any specific concerns or further questions. We’re open to learning and coming up with more possibilities and options for everyone, with everyone.   Blind and Low-Vision: Outdoor camping and activities, rural setting and rough ground, guide-dogs fine everywhere however, very hot for them and there may be unhealthy items on ground that dog may ingest, any night lighting brought in, visual-descriptive guides and volunteers possible.

EMS (Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity): No cell-phone or WIFI on site, power lines along highway. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Other Audio: Volunteer ASL interpreters possible with advance notice.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Scent Reduction/Scent-Free: Outdoor environment, with airborne natural allergens plus smoke, bug repellant, cooking and other scents can waft throughout area. Scent reduction encouraged wherever feasible, and possible in your own tent or camping vehicle.

Wheelchair Access Bathrooms:, Bathroom toilets and private hot and cold showers are not accessible.

Wheelchair/Scooter/Mobility-Limited: Definitely restricted for electric chairs and scooters, although possible, both on getting to site and camping. Mainly tent camping, with trailers, campers and vans all possible if brought in. Mobility-Limited and wheelchair/scooter support absolutely possible, on request.
SITES and STRUCTURES: Some campsites are flatter and clearer than others. Getting around grounds, across different outside levels and into/using structures and facilities mostly not accessible ‘as is’. Other specific accommodations can be volunteer-made as needed and possible. Main existing barriers, stairs and spaces are detailed below for your information.  Again, please contact Running Wild Retreat with any questions and ideas you may have. ‘Main Stage’:

Raised large wooden stage/platform. This is where the performers will entertain and some day activities take place.  This flat, grassy clearing around the stage will be an area for dancing, hanging out, workshops and also be the group meal area.  Inside space is where the restaurant, bar and other beverages will be located. Before the tent areas in the middle of the grounds, across rocky ground is an outdoor sink with (non-potable) hot and cold running water with scent-free soap. ‘Indoor Toilets and Showers’: (plumbed building with electricity): These will be gender neutral for the event and will be supplied with scent-free soap. They are not wheelchair or scooter accessible: They have a 9 inch step up to the bathrooms, flat ground leading up to the step with a L: 17.1 ft (215 inch) W: 3 ft (36 inches) narrow covered and lit platform. There is a 4” step/doorsill through a 31” wide door onto a flat floor with two pedestal sinks in both bathrooms. There are for toilet stalls, each with a 26” doorway, no turning room and no hand rails. There is a 2.8 ft’ wide entry doors to four 6 ft (72 inch)-wide shower stalls. One shower stall has a accessibility bar that is Height: 3.8 ft (44 inches) on high end from the floor and 2.11 ft (35 inches) on the low end. Bathroom light switch is 4.5 ft (53 inches) up from the floor. The counters height is 2.10 ft from the floor.
‘First Aid Cabin’:

2.11 ft (35 inches) entrance at the width of the ramp. Ramp is ground level and 16 ft long. The height of the handrail on the ramp is 2.13 ft (37 inches). 8 inch step up to the door that has a 3/4 inch lip at door entrance. The door W: 2.11 ft (35 inches).
Please contact us for more descriptions and possibilities! Thanks, all …