Labyrinths have been used throughout history to mark life events, to renew the spirit, to contemplate life, and even for restorative justice (Victoria BC). I’d love to create a Labyrinth with our community members on this land that one of my favorite people is using to create their dream for our community!
The Land will tell us which design will fit. Our job will be to thoughtfully collect, and bring rocks from other places. The rocks should be about the size of two fists together. We will map out the walls of the Labyrinth. Dig out trenches, place and half bury the rocks that guide the meditative walk. Creating this labyrinth could take a couple hours depending on the design that works for the space and it will be dirty work. So folks can come and go during the work, the work is to be done with intention. It is like stirring love into the pot of soup that will feed your friends. This Labyrinth for us is  creating harmony within this place and the community. What will be your intention?